Virtus Elementis also offers photo composition and retouching services, which provide an alternative to illustrated boards for photo realistic rendering and advertising campaign presentations. By combining photography and digital painting, the studio creates visually stunning images that are highly realistic and can be used for various advertising and promotional purposes.

The image combines a high-quality photograph with digital painting to create a visually striking advertising campaign image. The retouching process involves enhancing the photograph with digital painting techniques to add visual elements, adjust lighting, and create a cohesive and eye-catching image that captures the attention of the audience.

The images below are examples of Virtus Elementis’ photo composition and retouching work.

For photo-comp quote – Please indicate on the FORM the details of your briefing:

  • workplace: on site or remote work
  • number of frames : duration of the content
  • execution style/finishing : photo composition, retouching, 
  • brief description : ex: film,TV commercial, mood board, music video , storyboard, illustration 


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