Black & white Storyboard provide a quick turnaround when the time is tight for the production meeting.

B&W storyboards are ideal for feature film or TV commercials, or any other project which requires a strong focus on sequential drawing.

The boards displayed below present different options for a quick executions: line drawing, tonal value (monochrome) or shaded boards – which are delivered for animatic or pre- production purposes.

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Kroger Health Commercial “Not your average Joe”

The commercial features Joe Burrow, Kroger Health’s brand ambassador and quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals.

By combining wellness and nutrition solutions, Kroger Health is providing people with a World of Care In-Store. From pharmaceutical, clinical care and nutrition services, to offering fresh foods that help nurture the body from within, Kroger Health and Kroger are giving people the tools they need to support healthy living.

As Joe says in the commercial, he’s not your average Joe — and neither are you. Directed by Patrik Giardino and produced by The Gate Films.

Overwatch 2 delivers ​The Enigma – Trailer

Park Village director Elliot Simpson takes us on a suspenseful and atmospheric journey with The Enigma for the launch of Overwatch 2: Invasion, the new video game instalment from Blizzard Entertainment, bringing to life the disruptive campaign devised by Kairos Media.

Unveiling a mesmerising world of futuristic intrigue, the film unfolds to unveil mysterious hacker ‘The Enigma’, played by Hollywood superstar John Cena, and seamlessly blends an impressive set design, luxurious cinematography and a dramatic identity reveal, all against the backdrop of an impending invasion.

The campaign launched across socials and disrupted live gaming feeds, leaving Overwatch 2 gamers trying to decrypt the intrusive ‘glitches’ before the final reveal of Cena, sending the campaign viral.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Liverpool – Postcards – BBC

Designed to introduce the audience to each participating act, the famous Postcards will this year use pioneering drone technology and 360-degree cameras to take viewers seamlessly between locations across Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and each participating country.

In each Postcard, the three locations from each country are connected by the same theme including parks, castles, street art, ports, colourful buildings, beaches, rivers, and lakes.

Across the 37 Postcards, an incredible 111 different locations are featured – making this year’s creative concept the most varied and well-travelled yet.

Windfall Films were commissioned following a competitive tender to produce the Postcards. They worked in collaboration with Ukrainian film production company 23/32 Films, who organised shoots and secured aerial filming permits for the portions of each Postcard featuring locations in Ukraine.

Film/storyboard side by side

The Diplomat – Episode 1 – Netflix

The Diplomat is an American political thriller television series created by Debora Cahn. It premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2023. In May 2023, the series was renewed for a second season.

Episode 1 opening sequence storyboard.

Film/storyboard side by side

CADBURY x THE PRINCE’S Trust “Give A Doubt” | campaign


The TVC storyboard has been commissioned by Cadbury and Prince’s Trust, charity funded by Prince Charles in 1976 for supporting young and disadvantaged individuals in their careers. The film is directed by Chris Faith with participation of Helen Mirren, Jamelia, Ellie Simmonds, Richard E Grant, Ian Wright, Gary Neville and Big Zoo – A powerful message for young people to remind that anyone – even the most successful celebrities have doubts in their life and career – Agency VCCP London – ITN Productions



The tonal value storyboards have been executed to support the film production presentation for the launch of one of the most innovative hybrid supercars in the global automotive market : the McLaren ARTURA. The film is shot in several iconic F1 tracks and breath-taking landscapes spanning from the Swiss Alpes to the country roads across the coast of Portugal.

ARTURA is designed and developed by the iconic British brand McLaren Automotive – The film is produced by Northstar agency.

FORD F-150 Lightning:

Charging on the Go | F-150 | Ford

Storyboard commissioned for the presentation of the new 2021 Electric Ford truck F 150 Lighting : LED and real-time Virtual Production project that has been created for Ford by Chrome Productions and The Mill in London. The all-electric F-150 Lightning is the truck of the future; there really is nothing else like it. This is a vehicle that takes everything people have come to know and expect from Ford trucks, and then uses electrification to amplify the customer experience.

An Electric Lifestyle | F-150 | Ford

line drawing storyboard



The dream team for sensitive skin

Line drawing ad agency storyboard for Fairy TV Commercial branded films – clean and essential execution for FMCG brand campaign. Film produced by Mad Cow films and directed by Justin Hackney.

NEW Fairy Non Bio Platinum Pods with Extra Stain Removal

Action for Children “Choose childhood” | campaign


The monochrome frames below, executed to develop a storyboard treatment commissioned by a non for profit UK organisation Action For Children aiming to raise awareness on childhood issues – describe a very dynamic narrative. The camera tracks the young protagonist running off from a domestic abuse to a better future, through a fast-paced and striking editing style – Film produced by Motion Pictures House and directed by Sam Huntley.

Molly Hocking, After the night before | music video


The boards below were commissioned for the music video production of the first single release of Molly Hocking (The Voice 2019 winner), After the night before. The video consists of 2 parts: the performance and the narrative. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in spring ‘20 the narrative part with extra actor and street location has not been shot.

We film Molly in a dark room, the background fades to darkness as Molly performs to camera. The story is told through her body and eyes as we see the outline of her face and the emotion fills the screen. Molly’s performance keeps us captivated whilst the camera slowly rotates 360 degrees, representing her world, turning upside down, suggesting that things are off-kilter. Director: Rupert Bryan for Motion Pictures House.

Allegra, Do what I want | music video


The aim of this video is to show Allegra as a smart,youthful and vibrant musical force who doesn’t need to conform to the ‘social online’ pressures young people often face. Throughout the video, we see Allegra unravel the trappings and ‘fake worlds’ of the online platforms and ‘Influencers’, by being confident in herself, flicking her metaphorical finger up and showing the viewer you can be who you want to be in this life and be proud of it. Director Rupert Bryan for Motion Pictures House.


The sequential frames below communicate clearly action scenes and dynamic shots, suggesting  the camera movement without an unaesthetic excessive use of arrows symbols on the frame. The clean and essential linework outline precisely the boards, which have been commissioned for a TV commercial animatic client’s presentation.


The shaded line drawings enclosed below delivers a strong identity to the narrative of the storyboard, emphasizing the mood of the script and conveying expressiveness to the character’s personality. 

For b&w storyboard quote – Please indicate on the FORM the details of your briefing:

  • workplace: on site or remote work
  • number of frames : duration of the content
  • execution style/finishing : ex: line drawing, tonal value , shaded line drawing
  • brief description : ex: film,TV commercial, TV programme pitch, music video, VFX development, animation, illustration 


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