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Virtus Elementis is a Storyboard Artist studio based in London – provider of creative visualisation services for production of visual contents and beyond.

As a studio V-E delivers storyboard, concept design and illustration  supporting producers and directors in developing  TV commercials, animation, TV programme pitch, Music video  and any media content which requires an effective visual storytelling assistance.

Visualising any treatments: from comedic narrative script for TV commercials   to edgy concept design creation for VFX – up to pre-production shooting boards for editorials, animation film and online branded content.

concept Art


Translating your creative concept from script –  utilising effectively film principles through compositional drawing, staging, prospective, shortening and lighting.

Being able to answer complex briefs – representing the visual impact of your idea, and presenting any possible solutions to your clients, producing impeccable pitch deck materials.  

Communicating your vision and utilising the appropriate execution style and narrative language , providing full support on feedback within the whole editing process.

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Creating a wide range of executions for different output: packaging design, animation or character development.

Style matching your brief appropriately to develop your creative content for branding purposes.

Andrea Piga illustration

The artwork above is executed embracing a realistic/cartoony illustrative style – representing a real model reproduced on a packaging design brief for Hair Care brand. Particular emphasis is applied on the detailed dark hair and skin complexion of the model.


The digital workflow  is fast and accurate – once the line drawings have  exceeded your expectations, the boards are rendered in colour following the appropriate mood.

The two reviews of the line drawing and the colour rendering stages, allow to control the whole creative process from the initial scamp up to the finished coloured panels.

Officer's salute
Colonel KURTZ

Once established the screen ratio – We decide together whether opting for a thin realistic line work or instead deciding to utilize a thicker and expressive cartoony line drawing to add the appropriate mood in the panels.

The first 2/3 hours are focused on compositional drawing/staging – to reach the appropriate narrative flow through multiple thumbnails options.

The entire project is shared via Google slides: any team members have exclusive online access to the storyboard workflow as a commentator – reducing e-mail exchange between artists and producers/commissioners during the execution.

Revisions and corrections are efficiently managed taking full advantage of the flexibility of the digital format.


A strong focus on art direction and concept design of the storyboard will enhance your script treatment – providing a visual explicative guide to all the members of your film crew.   


The fast digital work-flow allows to deliver a range of different finishing: from quick director’s sketch boards  to tight colour photo realistic frames.

V-E mission is to sell your idea following your direction, and supporting the creative content/TVC/music video/film production planning and execution.


Clients include AD & PR agencies, film production companies, animation/design/VFX studios, broadcasters, streaming platforms, music label and brands in UK, EU, UAE, US and Canada.

V-E clients

For accurate quote – Please indicate on the FORM the details of your briefing:

  • workplace: on site or remote work
  • number of frames : duration ofthe content
  • execution style/finishing : ex:linedrawing, tonal value, colour, photo realistic
  • brief description : ex: film,TV commercial, music video, branded content, animation, illustration


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