Colour storyboard translate mood and emotions into visual communication adding the magic touch of lighting.

Compositional drawing and staging unfold the action, adding to the camera movement the rhythm of the script.

We emphasise on facial expression and acting of the characters –  whatever is a comedy narrative or an action scene, we explore multiple solutions in order to find the appropriate execution style.

Below a few examples of colour boards for TV Commercials.

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The entire project will be shared via Google slides – any team members have exclusive online access to the storyboard workflow as a commentator – reducing e-mail exchange between artists and producers/commissioners during the execution of the project.

The digital workflow is fast and accurate – once the line drawings have exceeded your expectations, the boards are rendered in full colour following the appropriate mood.

Revisions and corrections are efficiently managed taking full advantage of the flexibility of the digital format – The two reviews of the line drawing and the colour rendering stages, allow to control the whole creative process from the initial scamp up to the finished coloured panels.

Particular attention is reserved in selecting the appropriate colours palette for the specific of the project – giving priority to the branding purposes of the project, we then strategically plan ahead the use of complementary colours and warm/cold nuances – Colour selection is never a casual decision.

Below are enclosed a few colour frames produced in a realistic execution style.

For colour storyboard quote – Please indicate on the FORM the details of your briefing:

  • workplace: on site or remote work
  • number of frames : duration of the content
  • execution style/finishing : ex: colour boards,  photo realistic, illustration
  • brief description : ex: film,TV commercial, music video, branded content, animation


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