Visual Effects  development requires an efficient pre-production visual pipeline for test and research purposes. Concept Art boards facilitate the production process allowing VFX department to visualise the shots in details and to select the appropriate options and props.

To follow are displayed the VFX boards executed for developing the Music video Casper by Takeoff of The Migos.

The rapper video takes place in outer space, matching the theme of his Last Rocket album title and sound

The futuristic video’s intro features a rocket blasting off and meteors swirling around space and sets the year to 2092. Takeoff appears as an astronaut who explores space in a gravity-defying white Rolls-Royce until he lands on a planet filled with beautiful women.

Casper, Takeoff – music video


The boards below, presented for a TV programme pitch  which is based on a reality show concept – illustrate how the show could be implemented and produced in various natural environments and locations.

Design functions and props outline the narrative of the show- which features the participants seized in a compound positioned in hostile environments. The participant, locked up in a transparent glass pod surrounded by cages and protected by aircraft doors elements-  he is monitored by cameras around the compound.


The illustrations below are part of a series of Concept Art, which integrate parts from organic human/horse anatomy into SCI FI looking hard surfaces, developed as a futuristic vehicle.

For concept design quote – Please indicate on the FORM the details of your briefing:

  • workplace: on site or remote work
  • number of frames : duration of the content
  • execution style/finishing : ex: black & white sketch, colour boards, photo realistic, illustration
  • brief description : ex: film,TV commercial, TV programme pitch, music video, VFX development, character design, illustration, animation 


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